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                            在汽車發動機測試(動力傳動)行業的發展中成爲關鍵的參與者,在全世界範圍內,完成了對1600台發動機的測試和安裝校准台的任務。能夠設計多節式個人主機及其輸入/輸出 外圍設備,可以應用于工業目的,具有高速化,高精確度和堅固硬件的特點,開發了基于 SimuLink 上的軟件發展工具以及多層目標模型,極大的縮減了涉及到編程和機器定做的時間。



                    Heavy investment in R&D
                    More than 10 % of its revenue is spent on R&D. 
                    More than 40% of the employees (260 engineers) are engaged in full-time R&D.
                    Wide range of UTM products available
                    Engine test bench, HIL, RPT, Torque monitoring systems both for wheel and axel torques
                    Acquired MTS Powertrain Division in August 2005.
                    Enhanced the product offering and support for the automobile industries worldwide


                    1977 - Company established by H. Furukawa and a dozen of engineers who left the R&D Division of Takeda Riken (Advantest).

                    1978 - Began delivering ultra-fast D/A converter units and other related electronic circuitries to NTT Laboratory engaged in the next generation electron beam lithography technology development. Since then A&D plays an important role in the electron beam lithography and nano-technology industries as a key component supplier

                    1981 - Acquired Kensei Industry Co. (Then the 3rd largest manufacturer of balances in Japan) and entered the scientific balance market by bringing state-of-the-art electronic balances, which has made A&D the third largest scientific balance manufacturer.

                    1983 - Launched the first FFT Spectrum Analyzer which offered the highest precision, 15bit A/D with 100kHz. This led A&D to being a reliable manufacturer of PC based FFT analyzers in NVH applications.

                    1983 - Acquired bonded strain gauge load manufacturing know-how via technological transfer. 1984 - Acquired strain gauge manufacturing know-how via technological transfer 

                    1988 - Acquired Takeda Medical who pioneered the development of consumer digital blood pressure monitors and entered the medical market. Since then A&D has become the second largest supplier in the consumer blood pressure monitor market.

                    1991 - Launched WCA-series, PC based FFT Spectrum Analyzers and began actively working with automobile manufactures.

                    1993 - Acquired Orientec, the second largest material testing manufacturer in Japan and expanded the product offering in material testing area.

                    1998 - Introduced “ANDROMEDA” Simulink based engine test bench system. 

                    2000 - Introduced Windows NT based, MATLAB/Simulink based UTM systems and our own GUI software “VirtualConsole”.

                    2001 - Introduced Real Time Linux based UTM systems.(AD-5430, SH-4) 

                    2003 - Introduced Wheel Force Sensor with torque measurement of 0.1% accuracy.

                    2004 - Built our own Engine Bench Test Laboratory.

                    2005 - Acquired MTS-Powertrain Division through A&D Technology.

                    2006 - Launched the new generation PC based engine test bench system “iTEST-ANDROMEDA”, which is a response to emerging needs for automated engine calibration via simulation models.

                    2007 – Introduced “ORION”, the next generation model-based calibration measurement software based on Simulink, multi-layer object model architecture offering openness and flexibility.

                    13 Sales Offices and 4 manufacturing sites throughout Japan

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